studio b:ask is a design strategy lab that catalyzes transformation in organizations and communities


calling all movers, makers, builders, and shakers

we partner with visionary leaders, system disrupters, and social innovators to accelerate, amplify, and scale systems-wide change

we believe in the power of creative problem solving and collaboration to find solutions that address the most pressing issues of our time



what we do & how

we co-create experiences that engage communities, build individual and team capacity, and drive momentum towards big, audacious goals


you can find us in portland oregon and new york city (and a few places in between):

. Listening to stories and curating conversations

. cultivating curiosity and holding space for ideation

. surveying landscapes and identifying new pathways 

. building capacity for CREATIVE CONFIDENCE and design strategy

. and generally amplifying awesome




We also help incubate projects that build capacity.  

Contact us for engagement or collaboration inquiries.